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Civil Aviation Medical Exams

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Medical Requirements 

Prior to booking your medical please review the following:


Should you need an Electrocardiogram(ECG), having it completed for the day of your MOT Medical substantially speeds up the processing of your case

ECG's are required as below 

  • CAT 1: At first medical, within 2 years ages 30-40 and annually after 40

  • CAT 2: At first medical, within 2 years ages 30-40 and annually after 40

  • CAT 3: At first medical after 40 and every 4 years thereafter 

  • CAT 4: At first medical after 40, at first medical after 50 and then every 4 years 

ECG's may be booked through the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital SATELLITE LAB (BOOK HERE) or any LIFELABS LOCATION (BOOK HERE)


Hearing assessments will be required as follows 

  • CAT 1: At first medical and at first medical after age 55(if not tested within preceding 5 years)

  • CAT 2: At initial medical and at age 55(if not tested within preceding 5 years)

-It is vital that any past hearing loss be assessed by pure tone audiometry at an audiologist 

-Hearing screening at first assessment will incur an additional charge 


- Please carefully review Transport Canada's cannabis policy here

Blood pressure 

- Should you - like many people - have high BP in the doctors office please bring several community based readings from a pharmacy, home BP monitor or other community based assesssment 


A summary of medical requirements for flying fitness can be found here 

Please review these requirements PRIOR to booking your medical 

Responsibility for information access: Should more information be needed to complete your MOT medical our office will make two attempts to access this information. Should this fail, then the MOT medical will be submitted with the information available. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that the information needed to complete the medical be provided 


Please review the questions and medical history you will be asked at your aviation medical. If possible please print and complete this question sheet ahead of time as this will make sure that you have all of the information required to make a decision 

At your medical exam

  • All CAME assessments are now directly submitted on the Federal eMER system 

  • Please bring all valid medical information 

  • Should Transport Canada have you under surveillance for a medical condition please bring all pertinent updates to your assessment 

  • Should you be a new applicant please bring with you a full medical summary and list of medications 

  • At booking please identify your medical category and inform the front staff whether you require an ECG or auditory assessment 

  • Should you need an ECG a requisition form will be forwarded to you, please have this done prior to your appointment 

  • Our office does not have an ECG machine. Please attend Lifelabs or a provincial lab. NOTE: Extensive appointment booking times make it essential to plan your ECG ahead of time 

  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment as the doctor runs strictly on time - this will allow for biometric measurements, vision, colour vision and urine testing 

  • Once all data has been gathered and an eMER record created - we will submit your case to Transport Canada. Should we not have the requisite data your case will remain un-submitted until you have provided us with the information still outstanding 

  • We wish to make your application as seamless as possible however we can only submit your medical once it is complete.The more information you bring to your medical the faster it will be completed 



Occupational medicals are charged a fee that is set by the BC section of Family Medicine. Should you require a hearing assessment an additional cost may be incurred. These fees are payable regardless of the outcome of the medical 


- Training: Should you require a CAT 4 for training purposes you must complete form 26-0297E "MEDICAL DECLARATION FOR LICENSES AND PERMITS REQUIRING CATEGORY 4 MEDICAL STANDARD"

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