The Canada-Ukraine Authorisation for Emergency Travel

CUAET is a special, accelerated temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians seeking safe haven in Canada while the crisis in their home country continues. Clients entering Canada through this pathway are exempt from completing an immigration medical examination (IME) overseas. However, they are required to complete and pay for a Medical Diagnostic Test (DMT) within 90 days of arrival in Canada to screen for communicable diseases

For all CUAET applicants please review all general immigration information here 




Make sure you have the correct identification 

For your Medical you must bring with you one of the following identification documents 


  •  Original passport 

  •  National ID Card 

  •  Refugee travel document 

  •  Red Cross travel document 

  •  UN laissez-passer 

  •  OAS travel document 

  •  Refugee Protection Claimant

  •  ANY Government ID from Ukraine 


NOTE: If you have no identification you may still proceed - however IRCC will need to work with you directly to assess your identity 

STEP 2:Review 

Familiarise yourself with support for applicants and reasonable expectations of the Panel Physician and Clinic 


  • Neither the Panel Physician nor Wellington Medical Clinic Staff can comment on application success nor processing times

  • More general information may be found here


STEP 3:Translation and Support

  • Our office provides does not provide any form of translation 

  • Please bring with you someone to assist you in translation should this be required 

  • Some additional resources for displaced Ukrainians may be found here

STEP 4:Review Tests and Costs 


Review the cost and which tests you and your family will need

  • CUAET: $125 per person 

  • Labs: Lab services will be through the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital SATELLITE LAB (book hereor any LIFELABS LOCATION (book here) and a summary of tests needed can be found here

Important: You do NOT need to have the tests done before your medical exam but you are encouraged to have your tests done on the same day as your medical 

Cost Breakdown*

- CUAET Medical Exam:125 per person

- X-Ray(if needed): $180 - Please note this cost is set by the Vancouver Island Health Authority

- Labs(if needed): Approximately $80 

* none of these costs are paid for by the provincial Medical Services Plan 

STEP 5:Schedule Medical


Book your Exam at Wellington Medical Clinic

STEP 6:Photographs 

Have two photographs taken  

They must meet the following criteria. Print this guide and bring it with you to the photographer 

STEP 7:Imaging


(If needed) Book your chest X-Ray at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital 

STEP 8:Lab tests


(If needed) Book your lab appointment at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Satellite -Medical Laboratory or any Lifelabs Location 


  • Bring all corrective eye wear(glasses/contact lenses)

  • Prepare a list of all your medications 

  • Ukrainians - for CUAT Medical Diagnostic Test PLEASE bring your "Medical Diagnostic Test Instructions" form if you have one 

At your CUAET Medical Exam 

- This will be conducted at Wellington Medical Clinic 

- You must arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment as the doctor runs strictly on time 

- Parking is available on the street or within the parkade

- Dr Martin is male and no female physician is available, however the clinic is more than happy to provide a chaperone 

- Only the applicant, a translator and small children of the applicant will be permitted to accompany the applicant into the exam room 

- No breast, rectal or genital exams are required for immigration medicals however applicants do need to remove their outer clothing and wear an examination gown 

- A digital photograph will be taken at your appointment and uploaded to your eMedical account - this is a mandatory expectation of IRCC 

- Applicants will be required to sign a consent declaration 

- If needed, a urine test will be required, please attend well hydrated to assist in obtaining a sample 

- The exam itself will take 30 minutes or less however the entire proccess may take up to 1.5 hours 

- Results for blood tests and X-Rays must be transmitted to IRCC within 10 days of your exam. It is therefore highly recommended that you arrange for your Xray and Lab tests(if needed) to be done on the same day. Our office cannot book these for you 

COVID 19 Vaccinations 

If you or your family have received COVID 19 Vaccines please bring proof of vaccination with you to your appointment