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Marine Medical Exams 


Marine Medical Exams are conducted to assess a mariners fitness for their role, and capacity to participate in emergency drills, evacuations and responses 

Booking your Marine Medical

  • Please notify our staff if you are booking a Coast Guard Medical as these have a different set of forms

  • Please notify our staff if you are requesting a re-certification after a medical leave of absence 

  • No shows- Should you need to, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. No shows will not be rebooked 

  • Audiogram: Should you require an audiogram please notify our office at booking - this will incur an additional cost


Please review the questions and medical history you will be asked at your MME. If possible please print and complete this question sheet ahead of time as this will make sure that you have all of the information required to make a decision 

**** Due to the increasing complexity of cases brought to our office, all pertinent information on medical conditions must be provided*** 

At your Marine Medical Exam

  • Please bring all corrective eye wear should you use them 

  • To assist in processing your medical please bring with you any information pertinent to your fitness

  • Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment as the doctor runs strictly on time. The appointment will take 1 hour, 30 minutes of which are needed for biometric measurements, vision, colour vision and urine testing 

  • Your CDN number will be recorded please bring this with you 

  • Urine testing is done to detect microscopic blood and glucose - menstruation affects the urine results and may require follow up testing 


  • Cannabis: The regular use of cannabis has impacts on medical fitness. Please read  Legalisation of cannabis in Canada and vessel operation PRIOR to booking your medical 

  • Processing times: The role of our office is to gather medical information and make an initial assessment of fitness - we do not have any information on Transport Canada processing times - please direct all enquiries to that office directly 

  • Vovage types (for reference)

  • Responsibility for information access: Should more information be needed to complete your MOT medical our office will make two attempts to access this information. Should this fail, then the MOT medical will be submitted with the information available. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that the information needed to complete the medical be provided 



The cost of occupational medicals is set by the BC Section of Family Medicine - this fee is payable regardless of your assessment of fitness 

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